Aquamarine Cabochon Ring 18kt Silver


Chunky, bold, Aquamarine cabochon ring made of 18kt gold/argentium silver.

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    A completely hand forged/formed statement ring,  sporting a prominent, high domed, sugarloaf cut, natural, Nigerian origin, Aquamarine cabochon stone, weighing 24.68 carats. Measuring 18.3 x 12.3 x 14.8 mm.

    The aqua is set into an 18kt gold bezel, backed with argentium silver, and is mounted horizontally on a wide, argentium silver band.

    The metal is left somewhat unfinished to achieve an organic aesthetic, with a white acid wash.

    The wide band can be modified to a narrower profile. The size is 8.5, and can be modified to larger/smaller fit.