NO REFUNDS. STORE CREDIT ONLY/OR AN EXCHANGE FOR SAME VALUE OR GREATER, when purchased item is returned with original receipt within 3 business days. The credit is for IN STORE STOCK ITEMS ONLY. The store credit is for ONE year from original issue date.

CUSTOM/NON STOCK ORDERS require a 50% deposit. Balance due prior to pick up/shipping.

REPAIRS/MAINTENANCE; with “reasonable/predictable” wear and tear, within one years time of purchase, repairs will be done at no charge. This includes small stone replacements and polishing. A thorough exam will be done of the item to determine whether or not it is reasonable wear and tear. Please keep in mind that jewelry is meant to be worn with consideration of use.

Consultations/time utilized on projects are billed at one hour increments, @ $150.00 per hour. 30-45 minutes is rounded up to one hour. The fee will be a credit if the consultation translates into an order within a 2 week time period from date of consultation. 


DISCLAIMER: Although I take great care with my customers property, there are instances where damage to items can occur. With that said, I am not responsible for any breakage or damage, whether minimal or otherwise. Please make sure that any personal property items, stones in particular, are insured, or up to date if insured. This is your responsibility prior to submitting for repair or redesign. Thank you.