Joane Cornelle Fine Jewelry, Artisan Handmade Jewelry Chatham New York

Designer/Fabricator of Fine Artisan Handmade Jewelry

About Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry, Chatham NY

As a skilled hand forging jeweler, I possess a deep passion for creating durable, functional, and beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry designs.

With years of experience producing fine artisan jewelry in the Hudson Valley and Berkshires, I have honed my abilities to reliably bring unique elegance and superior craftsmanship to every piece of fine jewelry I create.

Using traditional jewelry making techniques and working with various precious metals, I meticulously shape and manipulate gold and silver to bring my artistic vision to life. Whether I am crafting a delicate classic style or bold contemporary design, I strive to create jewelry that reflects individuality – it’s own, and that of the wearer.

Custom jewelry design

As a custom jewelry designer, I collaborate closely with my clients. After listening attentively to their ideas and desires, I translate them into bespoke jewelry that typically exceeds expectations.

I am committed to quality and dedicated to excellence; I take pride in delivering jewelry that is visually exciting and crafted to withstand the test of time. Quality handmade heirloom jewelry is meant to be enjoyed, and passed down for future generations to enjoy.

Exceptional  jewelry design, unique style

My goal and passion is creating exceptional and unique jewelry designs, and hope that others can see the love and dedication I pour into my creations.

I pride myself on the versatility of my designs, flowing fluidly from day to evening (what I call “transitional” style). My creative process is methodical, but can shift from an original plan when I allow the object in question to speak for itself during the design process. The true beauty of this spontaneity comes through in inspired designs that challenge expectations.

Eco-friendly jewelry

Environmental sustainability is important to me, and I strive to create eco-friendly jewelry and responsibly manage and source my materials. My design and fabrication processes create virtually zero waste, with nearly all materials recycled, reused, or otherwise repurposed for later use.

I use exclusively ethically sourced gemstones, cut in the region they are mined from. I regularly choose from a dazzling array of precious and semi precious gemstones. My metals, starting as 24kt gold casting grain, are diluted with the appropriate alloys to achieve 22, 20, and 18kt gold. I use silvers varying between 925, 935, 965, and 999. Certain designs may incorporate platinum as well.

The diamonds used in Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry designs are modern brilliant cuts or rose cuts, carefully monitored under the Kimberly Process, an internationally used and United Nations supported certification process that reduces the flow of conflict diamonds around the world.

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Experience a Columbia County jewelry store unlike any other!

At Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry, you’ll find a selection of handmade artisan jewelry ranging from understated designs to statement pieces that are sure to turn heads. Looking for something special, or to recycle old jewelry into a fresh, new design? I can use my experience and expertise to assist you in designing and fabricating unique, custom jewelry made to your specifications.

Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry is located at 9 Main Street in Chatham, New York, part of a vibrant and bustling Main Street business district. The village of Chatham boasts casual and fine dining, boutique shopping, and more. Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry is a proud member of Chatham Area Business Association (CABA).

Consider visiting us when planning your visit to the Berkshires, or your Hudson Valley getaway. Joane Cornell Fine Jewelry is located 35 minutes from Pittsfield, MA, 25 minutes from the Hudson, NY Amtrak station, and 12 minutes from the town of Kinderhook, NY. Visiting the state capital? Chatham is 30 minutes from the heart of downtown Albany, NY.

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