Designer/Fabricator of Fine Artisanal Handmade Jewelry

I am a seasoned jeweler with 44 years of experience in the jewelry manufacturing realm. I have a profound appreciation for an industry that has provided me with a sustainable profession, But more importantly, this profession fulfills me with passion on a daily basis. Here is my story…..

At the age of 17 I went to New York City to start working. I landed a sales position with a jewelry machinery supply company. They supplied equipment to the majority of jewelry dealers on the East Coast. It was here that I gained extensive knowledge and learned the nuts and bolts of the jewelry industry.

My next stop was working in the renowned “Diamond District” on 47th street and 5th avenue in New York City (often referred to as “the street”). I worked with a master designer/manufacturer for 16 years immersing myself in every facet of the jewelry manufacturing process.

In an effort to get away from the “grind” and seek out greener, quieter pastures, I purchased a house in upstate New York in 2000. I left New York City permanently in 2001 and opened a jewelry boutique in Lenox, Massachusetts. I stayed in business until 2017 when the economic realities and shifting demographics in my area forced me to make some tough decisions.

I had to eliminate my middleman who was acting as an independent New York City jewelry contractor. He was responsible for producing a great deal of my designs for many years.

This forced me to pivot and rely heavily on my own grit and talents that I knew were welled up inside ready to showcase to the world. I remembered that my mom had mechanical abilities, so it made sense that those skills resided inside me as well. I next turned my guest cottage into a work studio, purchased some instrumental tools including a sledgehammer & anvil, and my self taught path became clear. I have been forging for the last 7 years and am loving my journey immensely. To be self trained in this ancient form of manufacturing has taken my self confidence to new heights.

My obsession is to create exceptional jewelry designs and hope that others see the love and passion that I pour into my creations.

My designs are original and artisanal, flowing fluidly from day to evening, which I term transitional. My process is mostly methodical, but can take a turn when I allow  the object in mind to speak for itself during the design process. That is the true beauty of spontaneity. My stones are ethically sourced, and are cut in the exact region where they are mined. I have the opportunity to select from an amazing array of precious/semi precious varieties. My metals, starting as 24kt gold casting grain, are diluted with the appropriate alloys to achieve 22, 20, & 18kt gold. My silver usage varies between 925, 935, 965 and 999. I am known to use platinum at times as well. I am environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability. Nearly all materials are recycled, reused and repurposed for later use. The diamonds purchased for use in my designs are modern brilliant cuts or rose cuts that are monitored under the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme.

Please don’t hesitate to communicate!   Email @ or call/text @ 917 971 4662

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